Monica Church

Store Manager

  • Has had an obsession with flooring forever.
  • Coffee connoisseur.
  • Favorite floor: Caress Cashmere Carpet

Jocelyn Bostdorff


  • Just loves design
  • Loves turning something mediocre to something exquisite
  • Trend Setter and does not even know it….. well, maybe she does
  • Loves to show off the latest trends in flooring

Stacy Alani

Flooring Specialist

  • Always re-designing things in her head, even your home
  • 80's music trivia guru
  • Once auditioned to be on a TV reality show...you need to come in to ask which one it was
  • Still discovering my favorite floor...there are so many that I love! 

Kristen Kreienkamp

Operations Manager

  • Majored in Interior Design and graduated from BGSU 
  • Loves all aspects of home interiors - flooring, lighting, accents, and colors
  • #1 fan of the band Chicago, even sang on stage with them!  

Waterville Plaza

Fun Hub

  • Fun Hub of Waterville Plaza
  • We are kind of a big deal!
  • Favorite Floor: Yours